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Axuiliaries For Denim


Axuiliaries For Denim

Chemical auxiliaries represent a low percentage of the products involved in denim manufacturing, but they are present and absolutely necessary throughout the whole production process.

An average of 1 ton of cotton and 7,500 litres of water are necessary to produce 1,500 pairs of jeans, in addition to:

  • 6 kg of products to prepare the yarn
  • 48 kg of products (dyestuffs and auxiliaries) to dye the yarn
  • 40 kg of products to size the yarn
  • 4 kg to clean the denim fabric
  • 100 kg of products for finishing (softeners and fashion effects)

Coating, printing or foaming fabrics to convey fashion effects

In this case, we are talking about ready-to-use compounds for spreading or printing and their additives (catalysts, wetting or thickening agents, touch modifiers and softeners) and liquid products for foaming.

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