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Top performance

Good preparation is everything – also for textiles!

Itaca digital pigment inks provide excellent definition, colour performance, and wide-ranging colour space.

Itaca inks exhibit great processing consistency, stability, and printhead reliability.

Technical partnering

Itaca has a team of +400 technicians and engineers for reliable consultancy, service, and troubleshooting worldwide.

Digital textile printing powered by nanotechnology

Itaca submicron digital pigment inks are specially designed for the top commercial textile printheads.

New ink make-up

The new Itaca polymer binder system affords enhanced washing + rubbing fastness and soft touch + feel.

Environmentally respectful, safe inks

IItaca’s digital pigment inks break new ground, as they are not harmful for the environment, nor for the user. Itaca pigment inks are ECO-Passport certified by Oeko-Tex©

RH Corporation

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