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Impeccable Service with our In-house team of Engineers & Experts


Services & Spares Solutions

Offering right services & spares at the time is our prime prerogative, that’s why RH Corporation testimonies to be the trusted knowledge partner.
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Welcome to
RH Corporation

Innovative Textile Solutions

Company consistently embraced to innovation to provide

superior level of excellence for the quality conscious customers.

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Welcome To
SAS Enterprise

Innovative Printing Solutions

Revolutionary Textile and ceramic printing industry

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Reliable Finishes
Fibre. Fabric. Fashion

Flawless finishes with high quality specialities for every Kind
of fibre preparation to increase resistance to abrasion

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High Quality & Effective
Products & Solutions

Solutions for multiple applications Dot printing, Double Dot, scattering effects, high definition
non-Fading Colour Brightness & Functional Finishing that offer high quality reproduced images in garments
of fibre preparation to increase resistance to abrasion

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Clients Benefits

Why Would You Take Our Services

At RH Corporation, has been servicing global clients with the integration of technology at it’s best. With the technology at our finger tips, our clients can log servicing requirements & track engineers on the go.


Unique App for Service Team

Specialised servicing App for logging in service requirements and track engineers online live on the go.


Exclusive Service Team

Our In-house team of experts are on the move to ensure your machines face minimal or no downtime and best offer service & spare solutions for each customer with a personal touch.


Expert Team of Engineers

Periodic visits of engineers & specialists from the Principal partners ensure our local team of experts are trained at par with global experts to serve our customers seamlessly.


RH Corporation

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