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RH Corporation

Innovative Textile Solutions

Company consistently embraced to innovation to provide

superior level of excellence for the quality conscious customers.

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Innovative Printing Solutions

Revolutionary Textile and ceramic printing industry

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Reliable Finishes
Fibre. Fabric. Fashion

Flawless finishes with high quality specialities for every Kind
of fibre preparation to increase resistance to abrasion

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High Quality & Effective
Products & Solutions

Solutions for multiple applications Dot printing, Double Dot, scattering effects, high definition
non-Fading Colour Brightness & Functional Finishing that offer high quality reproduced images in garments
of fibre preparation to increase resistance to abrasion

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Recycled Yarn Solution

We at RH Corporation believe in being responsible for Mother Earth and contribute in making it safe for our future every day

As a world-class chemical business, we have made sustainability as the pivotal principle in all kinds of our product development. Unlike many chemical companies have always been considered as great pollutants, we believe that our contribution to a cleaner and safer future is of paramount importance.

We continuously invest in eco-sustainability products and offerings spanning our portfolio, like searching and selecting, sustainable and effective raw materials;
removal of undesirable substances from our products & production processes they follow, in favour of no or low-toxic products, that are safe for both the human beings and the environment; minimise waste and consumption of water resources.

Ecological sustainability for the entire textitle chemical industry is a path that has led us so far and that will lead us towards a more committed and better future that leads to more green and safe lives for the generations to come.

We tailor our service to your business, your goals and your budget

RH Corporation

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