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Sustainable Digital Pigments


Sustainable Digital Pigments

Optimal preparation through efficient processes

Good preparation is everything – also for textiles!

An optimal pretreatment can make the decisive difference in the efficiency of the textile process chain, helping to achieve outstanding results in subsequent steps such as dyeing, printing or finishing.

Put an end to annoying residuals and accompanying substances as well as any back staining on the material during the washing or bleaching process. Only the optimal removal of these will guarantee a problem-free further treatment of the textile. By changing the fibre structure, completely new material properties can also be created.


No compromises on the environment

Outstanding performance should not be at the expense of the environment. Our range of products for pretreatment offer maximum process safety and reduce the impact on the environment. You can save water, energy, time and therefore also costs: Care for the environment by optimally matching products and processes.

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